We are glad to announce JunoRestClient  1.0, the professional REST client software. JunoRestClient helps you to create, organize and test your REST api quickly. It is a FREE software.

JunoRestClient Free Software
JunoRestClient Free Software

Create, Organize and Test your REST API quickly.

Key Features

  • Create and Test your REST API quickly
  • Drag and drop to organize API requests into groups and subgroups
  • Wizard Support to add REST Services, Script and Test Cases.
  • Custom Property and template support
  • Property Transfer using groovy script
  • Setup multiple environments such as Development, QA and so on, with custom properties and run API with each environment
  • Test Cases and Test Automation using scripts
  • Customize using preferences
  • Generate Reports
  • JSON Tools
  • Standalone application. No IDE or plug-in is required.
  • It is a FREE software and you will love it.


For more information, please visit http://www.junorestclient.com