JAR Viewer Tool

JarNavigator tool helps you to view, navigate and search Java class files, meta data and other resources(text, images, etc.) stored in a jar file.

Key Features

  • Auto generate UML class diagram for any class
  • Decompiles class file into java source structure
  • Find class, method and field by name
  • Navigate across classes, interfaces and enums
  • Unpack a jar file and Create a new Jar file(Jar and Unjar)
  • Supports jar,war,ear,har,sar and zip file formats
  • Standalone application. No IDE is required.

Want to understand a Java Application Better?

You are most welcome to try JarNavigator. If you are a Java Professional or your company is developing Java applications, then JarNavigator is for you, to get better understanding of any Java application or library.

What is Jar?

JAR (Java ARchive) is a bundle of many Java class files, associated metadata and resources (text, images, etc.) into one file to distribute application software or libraries on the Java platform.

What is JarNavigator?

JarNavigator is a Jar Viewer tool to view the Java classes and their relationships with other classes, interface and enums. It is the easiest way to view classes, methods, properties, etc. inside a jar file.

Why do you need JarNavigator?

For example, you are assigned to a Java project. It could be an Enterprise application(ear), Web Application(war), Desktop application(jar) or simply a Java library(jar). The application jar file contains java class files (.class), manifest and other resource files such as image files, text files etc.

Now, you are interested to get the high level structure of the application, packages, types(classes, interfaces and enums) and their relationship with other types. Or you may be interested to find a type, field or method by name within the java application jar file.

In this situation, JarNavigator comes in handy as the tool generates UML class diagrams and source file structure for any class. JarNavigator helps you to find a class in the jar file. You can also navigate from one class to another.


  • UML class diagram of each class shows the relationships and source code dependencies among other classes. You get visual specification of types of objects that exist in a system and the relationships that exist among them.
  • Saves your time by quick analysis of classes in the jar file.
  • JarNavigator is a standalone application. So you can perform application analysis independant of your development work. No IDE or plug-in is required. Just open the Jar file and start analyse the components and their relatiionships.
  • Search for a class duplicated in multiple jar files.
  • View the contents of CLASSPATH in the MANIFEST file.
  • View nested jar files in a jar file. No need to go to shell and use Jar commands to unjar and view the files.
  • View a resource file and navigate from a class name in the resource file. For example, hibernate configurations are stored in a XML file. You can navigate to a class by clicking on the class name in the XML configuration file.
  • You can learn quickly a pretty complex Java application at a new job or a project.

Who can use JarNavigator tool?

  • Any Java Professionals who are interested to get better understanding of a Java application developed by other developers or themselves within a company.
  • Java Architects, Java Team leads, Technical Managers who are interested to get the high level picture of their team members development work or implementation.
  • Students who are interested to include auto generated UML class diagram in their project documentation.
  • Non-Java Professionals(.NET, C++ etc) who are interested to understand a Java application by viewing UML class diagram.

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Key Features

  • Auto-generate UML class diagram for any Type(class, interface and enum) in the jar file. UML class diagram helps you to get better understanding of each class and their relationships with other types.
  • Save as PDF file and image files(PNG,GIF and JPEG)
  • Copy UML diagrams into clipboard so that you can paste in other documents such as word document, Paint.NET etc.
  • Zoom In, Zoom Out to get better view
  • Decompiles the class file into java source file structure(class, fields, methods and inner classes etc)
  • Save as PDF file and source file(.java)
  • Copy decompiled source structure into clipboard
  • Search for a class, field or method by name
  • Search for a class duplicated in multiple jar files.
  • Find a text in resource files
  • Built-in file viewers for class files, image, text and binary files
  • Hyperlink support to Navigate across types
  • Navigate from a text in a XML resource file or a text file
  • View Nested Jars. For example, a J2EE Enterprise application(.war file) contains other jar files(nested jars). JarNavigator helps you to view the contents of these nested jar files within the same tree structure.
  • Extract a file or package(folder) from a jar file
  • Create a new jar file from a folder contents
  • Unpack a jar file into a folder
  • Customize UML class diagram view
  • Customize UML class to show/hide properties, methods by scope
  • Drag and drop jar file from Windows Explorer to view the jar file contents.
  • Supported File formats: jar,war,ear,har,sar and zip
  • Standalone application. No IDE or plug-in is required.

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