Key Features

Auto-Generate UML class diagram

  • Auto-generates UML class diagram for any Type(class, interface and enum) in the jar file. UML class diagram helps you to get better understanding of each class and their relationships with other types.
  • Save as PDF file and image files(PNG,GIF and JPEG)
  • Copy to clipboard and paste into other documents such as word document, Paint.NET etc.
  • Zoom In, Zoom Out to get better view

Decompiles into source file structure

  • Decompiles the .class file into java source file structure (class, fields, methods and inner classes etc)
  • Save as PDF file and source file(.java)
  • Copy the decompiled source structure into clipboard

Search Type

  • Search for a class, field or method by name
  • Find a text in resource files
  • Built-in file viewers for class files, image, text and binary files

Navigate Hyperlink

  • Hyperlink support to Navigate across types
  • Navigate from a text in a XML resource file or a text file

View Nested Jars

  • View Nested Jars. For example, a J2EE Enterprise application(.war file) contains other jar files(nested jars). JarNavigator helps you to view the contents of these nested jar files within the same tree structure.

Extract files

  • Extract a file or package(folder) from a jar file

Pack and Unpack Jar files

  • Create a new jar file from a folder contents
  • Unpack a jar file into a folder


  • Customize UML view and other preferences

JarNavigator Custom Templates

Other Features

  • Supported File formats: jar,war,ear,har,sar and zip
  • Standalone application. No IDE is required.

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