What is RealStickyNotes?

RealStickyNotes is an easy-to-use, effective TODO-LIST TASK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE to create personal notes on your Windows Desktop. You can virtually stick these compact notes anywhere on your desktop screen and on top of any application. Use RealStickyNotes software to write down your ideas, messages, phone numbers, or any text information you want and manage your important tasks effectively.

Are you looking for easy to use Sticky Notes software?

Try our RealStickyNotes software to manage your tasks.

RealStickyNotes Key Features

  • Friendly User Interface: Simple and friendly user interface makes it easy to install and use for everyone.Since the interface is simple, it take only a few minutes even for a new user to get use to the tool.
  • Drag and Drop: RealStickyNotes are designed to drag and drop anywhere on the desktop screen.
  • Stays on screen: Once created, they will stay on screen until you hide/close them.
  • Duplicate: Duplicate your favourite notes with a click.
  • Organize: You can rearrange the notes as tile, cascade and stack on a single click.
  • Free: RealStickyNotes is a free software.


  • Stick on your Desktop: Create personal notes, reminders and stick it anywhere on your screen and on top of any application. Replace paper sticky notes and save trees.
  • Free Software: RealStickyNotes is a 100% free software. You download and use it easily with minimal effort. It does not include any adware or spyware.
  • Various Colors and Style: Various colors and styles of sticky notes are available to categorize your needs.
  • Create and arrange: Write down as many notes as you need and arrange them.
  • Examples: TODO List, web links, catalogs, phone numbers,birthdays, messages, price list, addresses, ideas, appointments, family gettogethers, Official meetings, parties etc.

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