• Friendly User Interface: Simple and friendly user interface makes it easy to install and use for everyone.Since the interface is simple, it take only a few minutes even for a new user to get use to the tool.
  • Drag and Drop: RealStickyNotes are designed to drag and drop anywhere on the desktop screen.
  • Stays on screen: Once created, they will stay on screen until you hide/close them.
  • Duplicate: Duplicate your favourite notes with a click.
  • Organize: You can rearrange the notes as tile, cascade and stack on a single click.
  • Customization: Notes appearance, title and contents can be fully customizable.
  • Resize: The sticky notes can be resized.
  • Icons: Set notes icon from variety of built-in icons.
  • Edit: You can cut,copy and paste the contents of the RealStickyNotes to another sticky note. or to any clipboard application.
  • Backup and restore: All RealStickyNotes can be saved on local hard drive and restored later.
  • Templates: Easy to use Predesigned Templates are avaiable. User defined notes can be saved as templates.
  • Title: By default, current date is displayed as title and can be changed.
  • Eco Friendly: RealStickyNotes saves your time and money and is eco friendly.
  • Free: RealStickyNotes is a free software.
  • Stick on your Desktop: Create personal notes, reminders and stick it anywhere on your screen and on top of any application. Replace paper sticky notes and save trees.
  • Free Software: RealStickyNotes is a 100% free software. You download and use it easily with minimal effort. It does not include any adware or spyware.
  • Various Colors and Style: Various colors and styles of sticky notes are available to categorize your needs.
  • Create and arrange: Write down as many notes as you need and arrange them.
  • Examples: TODO List, web links, catalogs, phone numbers,birthdays, messages, price list, addresses, ideas, appointments, family gettogethers, Official meetings, parties etc.

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