Convert text files to pdf files

  • Convert any text files with any extensions including .txt,.bat, etc. to pdf files.
  • Convert source code to pdf files.
  • Convert clipboard text to pdf file.
  • Convert text reports from legacy applications, Database, ERP, datawarehouse, COBOL applications etc., to pdf files.
  • Convert any ASCII text files to PDF.
  • Convert plain text files to PDF.
  • Convert old TXT to PDF
  • Convert config files, log files, batch files, XML files to PDF.
  • The result PDF can be opened by any version of Acrobat reader.
  • The result PDF text is selectable and searchable which means that you can highlight and add notes to the generated pdf file.
  • You can also convert text to pdf files as graphic format which means that you can restrict the user to select or copy text from the generated pdf file.
  • Adobe software products are not required to convert text to pdf files.

Batch Convert text to pdf

  • Convert multiple text files to pdf files.
  • Generate multiple pdf files to the same directory as source files.
  • Generate multiple pdf files to custom folder with source files directory structure.
  • Print multiple text files with custom formatting.
  • There are no limitations on how many files you can convert.

Page Formatting

  • Line Wrap and Word wrap: Autmatically wrap longer lines or customize wrap column position.
  • Headers and Footers: Customize page headers and footers. Show/hide page headers and footers.
  • Alternate row shading: Format text with alternate row shading background.
  • Line Numbers: Show/Hide Line numbers with custom font styles.
  • Gutter and Ruler lines: Show/Hide gutter lines and ruler lines for better reading. Use this feature for source code reviews and presentations.
  • Line spacing: Customize text line spacing and margin spacing.
  • Page Setup: Custom page margin setup.
  • Page orientation: Set portrait or landscape page orientation.

Convert text to pdf with watermarking

  • Text and Image watermarks: Supports to add text and image watermarking and rearrange them.
  • Multiple layers: Supports multiple layers of watermarking.
  • Supports tiled watermarks
  • Watermarking text files feature helps you to avoid the surprise of seeing your intellectual property elsewhere on the web.

TextToPDF Templates and Print preview

  • Save customized settings in a template for later use.
  • Preview before conversion; Just select a text file in the application file explorer, page print preview will be shown immediately. Zoom In/out/normal features lets you to view the page to be printed.

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