What is TextToPDF?

TextToPDF is a text conversion software to convert text to pdf files. Use TextToPDF software to convert any text files(reports, bills, receipts, emails, old text etc) to Acrobat PDF file format. Batch processing feature helps you to quickly convert multiple text files to PDF files. You can also convert clipboard text to pdf file.

Are you looking for text to pdf conversion software?

Try our TextToPDF software to convert any text file(s) and clipboard text as PDF files.


  • Security: A PDF file is "read only" document that cannot be altered without leaving an electronic footprint and meets all legal requirements. Convert your important text files(reports, bills, receipts, emails, old text etc.,) to pdf files and store them in secured place.
  • Code review and code analysis: Use TextToPDF software to convert your source code to pdf files for code review and code analysis. The text in the output pdf file is selectable and searchable which means that you can highlight and add notes to the text in the generated pdf file.
  • No need to upload and download: You don't have to upload your important text files to convert to pdf files. Install TextToPDF software in your local machine and convert the text to pdf files safely and quickly.
  • Affordable: TextToPDF is inexpensive and affordable to convert your text to pdf files.
  • Economical: The PDF document format is practical and economical by allowing the documents to be stored in a secured storage or company network server.
  • Portable: A pdf file format represents a document independent of hardware, operating system and software to create the original pdf file. It was designed to create transferable documents that be shared across multiple platforms.
  • Better presentation: With the help of TextToPDF software, you can customize page design and convert text to pdf for better presentation.

Key Features

  • Convert text to pdf:
    Convert any text files with any extensions such as .txt, .bat, .ini, .log etc., to pdf files.

  • Batch Process:
    Convert multiple text files to pdf files.

  • Page Formatting:
    Customize page size, font style, text color etc for the output pdf files.

  • Watermarking:
    Add text and image watermarks for the output pdf files.

  • Templates:
    Frequently used custom settings can be saved in tempalte file for reuse.

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